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All-in-one stage solution with 15 tonnes of soul.

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Uplifting the Soul

Uplift audiences with a big presence, leading audio, bubbles, lights and endless performance options.

Defending the Soul

Communicate important social and environmental messages.

What's that big bright truck!?

The Soul Defender is an urban artwork designed as a static stage, parade vehicle or crazy installation. It was a war machine (Army Mack R6x6 1984) converted to defend our souls with feel-good music, bubbles, fun lighting, banners and uplifting performances.

The truck is owned and operated by Dionysus, an events and placemaking firm in Canberra with relevant insurances and licences, including multiple staff with Heavy Rigid (non-synchromesh) truck licences and heart-shaped sunnies.

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Soul Defender is available for customised experiences

Sample projects are below, and a deeper look at the truck is here.

Doppel 'Eucalyptograph' Album Launch (Canberra)


Escape Ferocity


An album launch to celebrate of one of Australia's most talented melodic house and techno artists.


13th March 2021


Event design and delivery



Soul Defender Sessions: ACT Senate Candidates Forum


City Renewal Authority and King O'Malley's


Forum for ACT senate candidates to give their view on election issues for the Canberra region. Candidates and performers were staged on the Soul Defender facing audiences sitting in both City Walk and the King O Malley's beer garden. Supported by the CCMIL’s City Grants program.


17 May 2019


Event design and delivery



Let Music Live




MusicACT mounted a 700 person protest in Garema Place leading to the ACT Government releasing an Entertainment Action Plan and a Parliamentary Agreement for it to be enacted in this term. More information on the campaign is here: www.musicact.com.au


21 June 2019


Stage and production provision, compliance.





Yes Fest


Canberra’s annual equality street festival to celebrate the YES marriage equality vote in November 2017.


16 November 2019


Production team operating the main day-time event stage, consisting of event managers, sound engineer, stage manager, and event installation crew.


1,000 approx.

The Soul Defender rates

Event supplies
$3,400 (up to 4 hours)
Soul Defender stage, 16sqm & 1.45m high (1.35m when suspension deflates)
Truss (rated upto 1 tonne per span), optional canopy for weather protection
Weight: 15 tonnes inc. gear across 10 wheels
Exceptional L-Acoustics Sound System (as of Dec 2020)
FoH: 4x ARCS Wide (2 per side of stage in concert mode, height adjustable), 2x SB 218 mounted for N-Fire, parade coverage or reverse phase, LA8 digital amp
Monitors & extra point-sources: 6x MTD 112b with another LA-8
DJ: A&H Xone 62 and 2x audiotechnica turntables w/ table
Live: various microphones, direct inputs and cables
Ops: L-Acoustics qualified technician mixing on A&H QUSB 18/14 w/ iPad
80 lights, individually controllable via a second iPad or DMX patch
Driver is experienced event manager
Comes with a tip-top sound engineer
Custom bubble machine in the centre trumpet with endless fluid
Land use, road management and event compliance experts
Artist booking and management
Event preparation support from Dionysus
Available on request
5.5m banner w/ eyelets - designs provided
5.5m banner w/ eyelets - designs required
Artists – DJs, band, dancers, performers
Varies – hundreds of options
Bar Provision (beer, wine, spirits, softs) with licencing
Upon conversation
Water spray & misting cannon. Yes, for you to shoot.
$280 per tank
Custom SOUL light
Fog machines with fluid

Australian Dance Party

Australian Dance Party ‘Soul Defenders’ involves five dancers donned in pink 60’s shagadelic costumes with yellow water pistols roving beside The Soul Defender. ADP’s Soul Defenders disguise peculiar army drills, combining spontaneous body movements and soulful grooves to create an uplifting experiences for spectators of all ages to enjoy.

Cost: $1,200 +GST

(all money goes to the dancers, which includes a site specific rehearsal to make it shmick)


The Soul Defender was the visual & sonic highlight of the YES!Fest 2019 day stage. Parked alongside Lonsdale Street’s Rainbow Roundabout, which acted as our daytime dancefloor, the Defender presented a totally unique stage & sound system bursting with retro magic.\ \ We are so lucky to have such an incredible vehicle available for events right here in Canberra and all of our interstate performers were blown away by it!

Yes Fest

The Soul Defender has fast become an icon of the ACT. We hired The Soul Defender multiple times during Haig Park Experiments because it generates such a warm and positive ambience at our events, significantly enhancing the community’s experience.\ \ Everyone from kids to seniors loves The Soul Defender!

University of Canberra

If you scratch the surface of this city what you will find is a soul both waiting to be born and under attack. What does it consist of, this stringing together of moments that makes up its substance? Who or what are its enemies? At the border zone between the living and the dead The Soul Defender carries out its mission, its appearance as startling as a flame leaping up in a dark room, lurid flares that give light to the soul’s material. The Soul Defender’s mission is political, ethical, environmental and artistic – it travels in the middle ground where the mind strikes the world, a rainbow’s edge where beauty comes into being, where surfaces mingle and provide access to a space where art and life coexist, a striking of pure otherness creating something sublime…”

William McClure, Chief Provocateur

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Soul Defender used for?

A variety of events: it can host panel talks, performances and parties; it can be used to activate spaces or market certain (positive) brands, or parade like at mardi gras.

Protests: as the name suggests, the truck defends the soul by supporting causes that promote a better world. The Soul Defender is a vehicle for change and we demand federal action to be taken on climate change, caring for our fragile country and changes to ancient sound laws preventing cultural development in Canberra.

Can people ride in the back of The Soul Defender?

Yes, if the road is closed or it's on private property (assuming compliance to our risk plans - we'll do them for you :).

But if the road is not closed, only one passenger and the driver can be in the cab and no-one on stage. But bubbles and music can still pump out of the stage on normal roads.

Isn't this vehicle bad for climate change?

A Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and Particle Oxidation Catalyst (big filter) was lovingly installed in the truck's exhaust system to remove over 99%+ of Carbon Monoxide, 95%+ of Hydrocarbons and 60%+ of Diesel Particulate Matter.

Green Fleet also plant trees to offset the truck's carbon emissions.

It's not perfect, but leagues better than most trucks that deliver equipment to events.

Until the military and mining stop using obscene amounts of fossil fuels, using minor amounts with offsets to defend and uplift the soul is only a good thing.